We apologize for the friction as address validation can be frustrating.


We use a third party service to validate that your address is real and formatted correctly called Lob.com, which is based on the United States Postal Service (USPS) validation. They make sure that when the shipping label is created, the seller doesn't encounter any errors.

Common Errors and Solutions

Here are some common errors and how to resolve them:

  • deliverable_missing_unit: The address is missing a suite/apartment number. For example, if you put "123 Main Street, 12345 CA" when it should really be "123 Main Street, Unit 1, 123456 CA"

  • deliverable_incorrect_unit: The suite/apartment number doesn't exist. Maybe your apartment building has an internal system that isn't recognized by USPS? Try with a different apartment number to make sure and if that doesn't work either feel free to reach out to support by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right.

  • undeliverable: You probably see a message starting with "looks like we can't ship to this address [...]". Undeliverable means that the address is not recognized and deliverable according to the USPS. Often times, there are smaller details in the address that are incorrect, like foreign characters, structure of the address, and contextual information (for example, Hong Kong doesn't have postal codes, so you need to leave that field empty). The best way to test whether your address is correctly formatted and will be recognized by us is to try it here (scroll to the form that looks like the image below). If you're still encountering errors, feel free to contact support by clicking on the black chat bubble in the bottom right and we'll do our best to help.

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